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Question 1: I do not have for some time sexual contacts with my boyfriend but when we do it again I observe that I become super dry too fast. My boyfriend tells me stories about his ex-friends who have sex for a long  hours. I am disappointed and I do not know whether it is connected with dehydration or there are some other problems. I an sad because believe I cannot satisfy my boy friend? Really speaking sometimes he order Viagra via My Canadian Pharmacy but I feel orgasm faster that he is.

Question 2: my wife made me wear shoes with heels and nylon stockings while having sex. After that we have a great sex, it did it really for me. We repeated this action. Please answer me whether I am crazy or not?

Question 3: I an a male and I am 20. really speaking I am gay and I have not had any sexual contacts at all. I bring satisfaction by myself but I do not give an opportunity for anyone to do it with me because I am too sensitive I mean my genitals. It prevents me from having relations with someone because it will hurt me too much. Do you have any ideas how I should behave myself?

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Here there are answers to the previously received questions from our users. Ginger, our sex expert, gives the answers.

Dear Ginger, the marriage of me and my wife is continuing for 8 years already. Recently my friend told me about sex with prostitute and it drew the attention of my wife partly. Really speaking my wife is an active volunteer and took all her efforts to achieve the stated goals. Not long ago she made up her mind to become a prostitute. It was a question but she had a strong belief t would help to realize sexuality and earn money. To tell you the truth I was all the time polite to the wishes of my wife, we advise each other some things but the decision she took by herself. Firstly I began to imagine my wife with other men but this idea is confused me. You should be attentive to your wishes.

Dear Careful

I want say that sex is a thing which may run you. People who are open take risk more than other people. They may easily change the sexual situation and imagine the partner in different situations.

But I really believe that your interests and your wife’s are different because your wife will have sex with other men but without your participation. It of course bring money but there is another side of this question.

If the problem is just money she may become just a sex surrogate. Such people are ready to have sex with some problems for example they need to receive the sexual education or they suffer from erectile dysfunction but take canadian pharmacy viagra to overcome it. I do not believe that your wife really envisions what it means to be a prostitute.

To overcome this problem it is necessary to discuss everything attentively, to understand what your wife understands speaking about being a prostitute. If you decide it is normal it will be difficult further to stop acting like that. Try to come your wife’s fantasies in reality to make her change your opinion.

Hello Ginger! I have a problem concerning my wife sensation. I could not play with her clitoris because she says it is too tickling. She feels like she wants to pee. – Tickler

hello Tickler! The feelings of orgasm are different from the desire to pee. May be you are actively stimulating the genitals trying to get her satisfaction. Really speaking these are the symptoms of Over-enthusiastic Manual Stimulation or OMS, it means any stimulation with clitoris may lead to pain appearance.

There are main symptoms:

  1. the constant refusal from clitoris stimulation
  2. refusal from oral stimulations and
  3. you are constantly hearing the words: “It is too hard for me.”

To overcome this disorder you need to apply some cunning. You have to communicate with your partner what she likes the most, to discuss all the sexual situations. If she does not agree to have such kind of stimulation you may persuade her to have oral stimulation. Finally you may find the other ways how to get her satisfaction, think properly what is better for her pleasure.

Dear Ginger!

I have suffered from excessive wetness when I speak about sex with my female friends. Is it normal to be wet when speaking about sex.

Dear WSS,

Really speaking I cannot be sure whether this question is ask by male or female speaking about sexual desire for women. But it is normal to be wet while speaking about because sex is an excitative action. You should realize whether you feel sexual appetence to the story you are talking about or to the girls. If you think you really like one or more of them that way then think about it with caution.  Given your open sexual banter, you should be able to debate the topic of girl-to-girl experiences pretty innocuously. I wish you good luck! Your Ginger!

Dear Ginger and My Canadian Pharmacy,

we are together for several years already I have a desire to know what symptoms may indicate whether he is still attractive. I feel I am not attractive for me in sexual life, he also watch porn and I could not satisfy him but want. Help me please! – Down, Dirty and Denied

Dear DDD,

Let’s be sure that your partner is still attracted to you. If your mate still pays attention to you, he demands a good reason not to be getting rid of it to you are on a semi-regular basis. Let’s investigate the opportunities:

Have you suggested him watching porn together with him? You make it an activity for you both. When you spend sometime together the feeling of boring may appear and it is time to make something crazy. Let’s face it- it’s not easily to be fully sexually satisfied by only one person forever. Learn some new methods, try a threesome, whatever you’re comfortable with.

There are also several ways to revive the sexual feelings, My Canadian Pharmacy is glad to present for Pink Female Viagra to stimulate your sexual life. You should just draw his attention but different methods. Be more slier.

Dear Ginger,

I have started this relations not long ago and I think we will have sex soon but how do you think when it is possible to speak about previous sexual stories because I am too anxious about my safety?

I may speak about this topic during hours because I am a supporter of adequate sexual education and freedom. It is very important to know whether you partner have STI’s or not. Maybe he has had such problems previously.

It is better to speak with him openly because the open conversation will lead to the sincere answers.  You do not need to ask about the previous number of sexual partners but to protect yourself it is better to be informed about diseases may appear at the corner.

It is necessary to clear out all the details before the relations goes far that’s why earlier you start telling faster you will have sex. Get pleasure from the communication as well as the sex itself. If you understand it is exactly that kind of man do not waste time but do not remember about your security.

Dear ginger may you tell me about the most secured ways of masturbation for women? – Nelly

Nelly, you may read my vibrator review to know everything about masturbation, it is one of my favourite topics. To get satisfaction and not to be infected with STI’s the following aspects should be met.

  1. HYGIENE. Follow the hygienic rules not to be infected. Be attentive all the tools should be clean and sterile.
  2. Size. It is very important not to traumatize your vagina with tools of big size. You may train your vagina but not do it immediate with big objects. The ramifications may be unpredictable. Be especially careful inserting things into your anus- look into butt plugs or other things that will be easy to get out.
  3. DULLNESS. No, masturbation should not be blunt, but any objects coming in contact with your vulva, including your fingernails, should be. Vaginal walls are to sensitive and can be easily rubbed. Also, the lovely rubbing that often accompanies orgasm can cause soreness.
  4.  PRIVACY. If you have flatmates, parents, or anyone else who could unpleasantly interfere you as you’re jilling off, Nelly, please invest in a good lock for your bedroom and/or bathroom door.

This should be a good start for you in your pleasure pursuits Nelly! Find out what works for you and go for it!