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My Canadian Pharmacy: The headlines abut sexual rights

USA: Oct. 29, 2006 NYTimes: “U.S. Jobs Shape Condoms’ Role in Foreign Aid”

The politicians have a strong belief that companies in Alabama became a winner of federal contracts to make billions of condoms over the years for AIDS preventive measure and family planning programs, though Asian establishments make the same condoms but cheaper. Read the full story.

INDIA:  Oct. 28, 2006  Times of India;  “Sex Workers Set Up Co-Op”

Sex employees of Sonagachhi were never let have bank accounts. So, they develop their own cooperative establishment known as Usha Co-operative Society (UCS) including seven districts in West Bengal. Now, Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee (DMSC), the sex-workers’ establishment, is going to copy its success across the state.  This story of woman capability from unlikely place began in a decade ago. When the sex workers were denied to open bank accounts, they decided to fight. Twelve of them got together to create the UCS. My Canadian Pharmacy believes that all people are equal and it doesn’t matter what profession you have.  Read the full story..

STUDY:  Oct. 24, 2006, Globe and Mail:  Link Explored Between Cell Phone Use and Sperm Count

Men who spend hours using cell phones suffer from lower sperm counts. In Accordance with a new investigation that offers the idea that radiation or heat from the phones could damage.  Both quality and quantity seem to be observed by constant cell phone use. During one more study conducted in Cleveland, Mumbai and New Orleans, 364 men who were undergoing screening for infertility were sectioned into three groups in dependence to their sperm count.

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