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Mysexlifeonline’s Sex Culture of the Month… FLOGGING/WHIPPING

Is it very pleasant to be flogged or whipped?

Why is whipping amazing so? It does not mean you just touch another person sometimes people use spanking. They think it is amazing to be spanked. It is like a sentence but you get pleasure.

For what purpose you may use whips?  It allows you to beat someone but not to grind out. There are different types of whips, the feelings from which are very different. A whip-loving top will often carry a veritable arsenal of different floggers, but they are all extensions of the top’s touch.

There are reasons why there are so many different types of whips. Different kinds of whips give different feelings if you want to have light whips you should choose the necessary whip and so on and so forth. Of course, the top may choose to lead the bottom on any kind of tactile journey the top desires–switching from stinging light switches to biting canes to soft fleeces. You should select the whim according the desirable sensations. The sensations you are eager to have. Click here to read full article!

Whip Enthusiasts:  The Whip Enthusiasts is a non-political, non-benefit educational group for the assistance of sport whip cracking and the extension of whip handling skills. From the the whip performer to the interested beginner, everyone is welcome.

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Bullwhip Safety FAQ:  With division on selecting your whip, having practice, and playing.  “You can’t falsify capability with a bullwhip — you either have it or you don’t. If you’ve never take a bullwhip, I’d like to turn you in the right direction.”

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