Your Sex Life

Mysexlifeonline Modern Guide to Sex Etiquette

The main rules for mysexlifeonline including My Canadian Pharmacy:

  1. You should have a photo of yourself.
  2. If you have the plans to send us a picture you should do it anywhere.
  3. Your picture should be not old and you should be alone there.
  4. If you observe the person you are going to communicate is not attractive for you, it is better to express refusal politely.
  5. If some persons tops taking with you suddenly, do not think about it properly, some people just do not have any talent to talk.
  6. Do not communicate with people who are not show any interest to you. Find the other person for communication.
  7. You may also command the service of My Canadian Pharmacy to order Viagra or Cialis to stimulate your sexual activity.
  8. If you want to ask a person about HIV do it but politely.
  9. Write grammatically right please not to embarrass people.
  10. Use in self-description the exact reasons why you are visiting our website.
  11. People exchange photos not to lead people up the path.
  12. Do not communicate with people you are not going to meet in reality.
  13. If you communicate with some person it doesn’t imply you are together now as a couple.
  14. Our website if created for fun! Be happy and enjoy the life!

Coming Soon- Etiquette Guide to Public Sex and Threesome Etiquette.  Have a suggestion to rules for these topics?  Write us!

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