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Briefly about Erectile Dysfunction

Briefly about Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is inability to achieve or maintain adequate erection, which in turn limits or makes impossible satisfactory sexual intercourse conduct. Erectile dysfunction is a widespread disease. According to World Health Organization, one in ten men over age of 21 years notice erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Currently, there are five main groups of causes leading to erectile dysfunction:

  • psychological disorders (depression, drug addiction, alcoholism, specific psychopathological disorders – fear of sexual impotence, etc.);
  • endocrine disorders (decreased sex glands function (hypogonadism), diabetes, prolactinoma);
  • vascular system disorders (arterial sclerotic disease of penile blood vessels, arteries blockage of small pelvis, violation of blood circulation in penile vessels, penile venous system disorders);
  • organic (anatomical) changes in penis (Peyronie’s disease, fibrosis and sclerosis of cavernous tissue);
  • neurological disorders (cerebral circulatory disorders, spinal cord diseases, multiple sclerosis, etc.).Erectile Dysfunction

However, most often, erectile dysfunction is consequence of several factors.

Most of all erectile dysfunction is caused by:

Often on background of these causes, psychological problems arise. That is why specific cause of erectile dysfunction should be defined out by a qualified and experienced doctor who does not confine himself to problems of his own specialty.

Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis

When detecting psychogenic erectile dysfunction, patient goes to psychotherapist or sexologist who helps him cope with problem.

In case of organic erectile dysfunction, when it comes to changes in penile blood vessels tissues that supply it, a number of laboratory and instrumental studies are assigned:

  • Examination for urogenital infections, prostate secretion study, clinical and biochemical blood test, urinalysis, etc.
  • Ultrasound, in particular, dopplerography, allows you to assess blood flow in penile vessels.
  • Cavernosography – X-ray examination of venous blood outflow from penis.
  • Other diagnostic methods may be used, which physician determines after patient’s examination.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction should be treated in comprehensive manner, eliminating disease’s cause, and not its individual symptoms. To determine ED cause, number of studies are being conducted.

With organic erectile dysfunction causes, complex treatment is carried out aimed at eliminating causes that provoke erectile dysfunction:

  • treatment of identified urogenital system inflammatory diseases;
  • hypogonadism correction;
  • diabetes and atherosclerosis by appropriate specialists treatment;
  • treated with drugs that can enhance erection – Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

Radical method of treating erectile dysfunction is falloprosthetics. This method involves silicone prosthesis installation in penile cavernous bodies.