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Struggling for Our Sexual Rights. My Canadian Pharmacy as a supplier of drugs

This page contains the information presented by the leading organizations struggling for sexual rights.

My sexlifeonline Pro – Sex Advocacy Action Alert for Fall 2006

Address to the government of the USA if you are against adstinence – only programs!

Address SIECUS’s website directed to struggle Bush’s suggestion to the absistance eduction only. You may also find the medical preparations via My Canadian Pharmacy.

There are three programs based on the ideas of no sex before marriage but there is no evidence that it works effectively. In reality, it is not only program which is not proved scientifically, in such a way young people do not know enough about contraceptives to protect yourself.

Please contact your Members of Congress and ask that NO NEW MONEY be spent on abstinence-only-until-marriage programs. Visit the website now!

More information? Read Advocates for Youth’s report on Abstinence Only Education: Toward A Sexually Health America



Power over AIDS:

if you believe it is possible to protect yourself with the help of condom you may leave here the testimonials. Countries try to create the universal vaccines to fight against HIV.

Be Involved


Domestic Violence in Uganda

What measures you may apply to protect women from domestic violence and in what circumstances women should live not to be infected by HIV/AIDS.

Try to persuade the government or other administrative instances to fight against domestic violence. It is necessary to show women that they have support in such cases that they should not be afraid to inform necessary offices about the violation. If you are a citizen of the United States, send a letter to the President, the Secretary of State, or your congressional representative. Click here to possess the contact information for members of the U.S. Congress.

Persuade Uganda’s president  its minister of justice and constitutional affairs, its minister of health, and its minister responsible for gender issues to defend that in Uganda the laws should be changed to protect women from domestic violence.

Persuade the leaders all over the world especially where women are not protected by the law to improve them to protect women.



globe_logoSavage Persecution of Gay Men in Egypt!

If you become a witness of savage persecution of gay men in Egypt call for the police to protect them.

It is better to persuade people to stop tortures in Egypt.

People should be informed that torches in Egypt are penalized by the law.

Americans:  Contact your member of Congress. Persuade that the U.S. government raise Egypt’s human rights record, inclusively of persecution for homosexual couples, discussing it with Egyptian officials and President Mubarak. Be ready to explain them that the United States’ own human rights record can become an example or an excuse for other countries taking part  in persecution. Persuade them to object limits on human rights and civil liberties in the United States.

International: Contact an Egyptian embassy or consulate. (Go to for a list.)  Or send a letter to Egypt’s political leaders:His Excellency Mr. Mohammed Hosni Mubarak, President, Arab Republic of Egypt, Abdin Palace, Cairo, Egypt



Women’s lives and rights are attacked all over the world. The Global Gag Rule criticizes hundreds of thousands of women and girls to unsafe abortions and possible death.

Visit to send your free email today!


Everyday Sexual Health Advocacy:  Pro-Sex Activism Guides…

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Advocates for Youth guide to what activists can do to fight abstinence only education

Intl. Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) Guide to Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights Advocacy

Marie Stopes Intl Guide to HIV/AIDS Advocacy:  Cover the World With Condoms

Advocacy Tips:

  • Tips for writing letters to your elected officials (GMHC)
  • Tips on meeting with your elected officials (NCSF)
  • Tips on community organizing (SIECUS)
  • Tips on public speaking (SIECUS)
  • Tips on organizing civil disobedience (ACTUP)
  • Tips for working with the media (ACTUP)
  • Tips for generating editorials (HealthGap)
  • Tips for organizing on a college campus (NGLTF)

Find Out More About Legislation and Your Elected Officials:

CHECK OUT THESE GREAT PRO-SEX ADVOCACY ORGANIZATIONS! Support them with your energy or your money.

Inform Yourself About Sexual Rights:

Declaration of Sexual Rights from the World Association for Sexology

Human Rights Watch’s Resource Library for International Jurisprudence on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

World Health Organization’s definitions of sexual health and sexual rights